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Do you feel like you're trapped inside your body? 

Maybe you've experienced an injury, illness, or other physical disruption, and now several areas of your life have become more difficult.  


Bodily changes can make us uncomfortable in our own skin and complicate our relationships, work, hobbies, and home routines.  They can compromise our abilities to move, eat, and sleep, deterring us from meeting our basic needs.

You may be longing for respect in your relationships, ease in your movement, confidence in your voice, lightness in your heart, and protection from the inside out.

I hear you.  There is hope.


A bit about me:


Hi, I'm Joelle, a therapist for people struggling to love their bodies and the scars that they hold. 

I am intimately familiar with this struggle myself - nearly 20 years ago, my own injuries, illnesses, and emotional ruptures started me down a path of mind-body healing.  Since then, I have learned about suffering and strength through formal education as well as time on both sides of the therapy room.  Learn more about my path here.

Today, my gift to my clients is a deep understanding of emotional, physical, and spiritual wounds.

About my approach:


In my work, I carefully blend talk therapy and evidence-based, body-centered techniques to accelerate healing on a deeper level than can be done with traditional talk therapy alone.  Together, my clients and I listen closely to their mental, physical, and/or spiritual experiences, and I guide them wholeheartedly toward the life they want.  It's a fascinating, beautiful experience I am honored to co-create with them.


If you want to learn how to identify the root of your pain, find your power, and alleviate your suffering, then let’s talk about how I can support you in that goal.  Schedule a free consultation.

Not sure if it's a good fit?  Learn more about me.

The plant, the yellow dandelion grows th

Find your power.

Contact me for a free consultation.


You can fill out this form or call me at +1(929)207-6120.

Note: Please do not include private health information in your message.

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