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   Healing the Inner Child in Therapy (IFS)

I can guide you through this kind of healing with techniques from Internal Family Systems (aka IFS therapy from Richard Schwartz).(spend time and connect with your wounded parts in New York City, reparenting trauma work,  setting boundaries and emotional regulation)

When we're young, we learn lessons about loss, rejection, and fear - and how to deal with it all - through intense experiences.  We end up carrying these lessons with us wherever we go.  In this way, we walk around with "parts of ourselves" that formed back when we were children, like the part that is afraid of the dark and still wants to yell, run, or hide whenever the lights go out.   You see, our parts try to protect us, by encouraging us to do whatever was helpful during those original experiences. 

In therapy, these parts are often called unhealed wounds or unmet needs of the inner child.  The key is to listen to these parts with love, show them that we are no longer children, and give them the nurturing and protection they didn't receive the first time around. 

Workshop for Inner Child Healing (an overview of the process)

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