My Path in Healing


I've been curious about the body and what happens inside it for as long as I can remember.  As a kid, I remember frequently horrifying my parents as I watched surgeries on television, dreaming of treating ailments the same way one day.

Then, when I was in high school, I experienced debilitating, long-term sports injuries and a dramatic decline in my quality of life.  Walking, sitting, and even sleeping were painful, so I became isolated and depressed.  I felt betrayed by my body, and my relationship with it became more and more self-destructive over time; I developed habits that were harmful to my health. 

While missing out on nearly all of my favorite things, I tried to find new outlets for my stress, but nothing was working.  That was until I discovered yoga, through the recommendation of a therapist I was seeing at the time.  When I finally tried it, I was amazed by how it made me feel - it was like a natural painkiller.  I could tell yoga wasn't just a physical helper - something mental or spiritual was going on.  I felt a natural high, an intense feeling of relaxation, and it was dulling the intense pain I normally felt throughout my lower body.  Yoga became a sort of magical solution for me, and I wanted to understand why.  

I went on to study the mind-body connection, including the neuroscience and spirituality behind it.  Early into my studies, I learned...

  1. The body holds memories from past stress, and these memories affect us in the present.

  2. Long-term healing comes from within the self.

  3. Most of us can use some guidance to get to self-healing.  

Yoga worked for me because it triggered my brain to release feel-good chemicals, calm down my nervous system, and send me signals to recognize how powerful I actually am, in spite of my injuries and isolation.  It healed many body memories of past stress and nudged me to love myself more. 




After learning all of this, I decided that I wanted to empower people with the tools for their own self-healing of body memories, rather than work as a medical doctor.   Over many years, I continued to learn through multiple degrees and time on both sides of the therapy room.  I experienced more layers of pain, both mental and physical, as well as many more ways to heal it through the mind-body connection.  Today, I bring a a wealth of knowledge and experience in mind-body healing to my clients in private practice at Kathryn Grooms & Associates Psychotherapy.