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Turning Loneliness into Healthy Connection

We know that childhood isn't all fun and games.  And if we have the unfortunate experience of being bullied or mistreated when we're young, we can grow into adults who don't trust people - not even the kind ones - to be kind to us.

The mistrust can show up in our careers, in our attempts at friendship, and when we're out and about in the world.

When we're faced with social opportunities, we may:
cancel plans
avoid phone calls
say "sorry" all the time
get headaches or stomach aches
break out in sweats, hives, or worse
go quiet in conversations or projects
feel lightheaded, numb, or nauseous
lose our voice, stutter, or stumble on words
numb our social stress with alcohol or drugs
leave interactions and obsess over something we said

We'll trade connection for loneliness,

if closeness feels too risky.

If this lonely pattern sounds familiar...

You may be interested in the relief that group therapy can bring.  As an expert in childhood trauma, I help adults learn about their social triggers and guide them to more confidence and healthy relationships.

Therapy for Social Anxiety 03 24.jpeg

Wednesday Night Therapy Club is a supportive, skill-building, online therapy group I run, for adults who experience social anxiety.  The same small group of people meet each time, once a week, for several months.

If you join us, you can expect to:
- experience a nonjudgmental space, with ground rules we all decide on, and guidelines we all agree to follow
- share relatable stories, at a pace that feels right to you
- gain valuable insights about how you think, feel, and act when you socialize
- enjoy support along the wa

There will be opportunities for "homework," which will include personal, unshared reflections about how the sessions feel.  Halfway through, there will be a free one-on-one check-in with me, Joelle.

At the end of the group, expect to walk away with:

more self-awareness

more social awareness

more confidence in social settings

To ensure this group is for you or to sign up:

book a free call with me.

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