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Somatic Healing through the Mind-Body Connection

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Somatic Psychotherapy (a.k.a. Body-Centered Therapy) describes therapeutic approaches that integrate a client's physical body into the therapy process.  


Your body holds valuable information about your condition, including memories of past stress that may not be in your conscious awareness.  By integrating body-centered methods into talk therapy, healing occurs on a deeper level and at a faster pace than it does through traditional talk therapy alone.

Body-centered techniques that I use include breathwork, mindfulness-based exercisesand careful engagement of the five senses.  I use these different techniques to aid clients in tuning into their physical sensations, body language, emotions, thoughts, and memories, in order to bring awareness to the relationships between them. 

When you turn to the body as an additional resource in the therapeutic process, you can work through many concerns and learn to become a self-healer.

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