Frequently Asked Questions:

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When are you available?

  • My hours for therapy are Monday to Thursday, 10am to 7pm.  

  • If I have an opening in my schedule for a new client, that means I have availability to meet with them during the same 50-minutes each week (e.g., every Monday at 1 to 1:50pm).

How long are sessions?

  • Typically 50 minutes...

    • Depending on your goals and my availability, we may occasionally agree to meet for up to 75 minutes.

    • Sessions for a specific type of therapy, EMDR Phases 4-7, are 50 to 90 minutes long, and the session length is agreed upon in advance.

How often will we meet?

  • Once or twice per week, depending on your goals and needs. 

How long will this take?

  • The length of time you spend in therapy is completely up to you and largely depends on your therapy goals.  

    • (Healing the roots of your issues requires a foundation of trust in your therapist and in the therapeutic process, and that trust builds over time.


Do you do online therapy?

  • Yes, at this stage of the pandemic, therapy is primarily online, using a secure, confidential, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform.

Can we meet in-person?  

  • Occasionally, we can arrange to meet for therapy sessions in an office, as long as each person feels safe to do so.

Are masks required in-person?

  • No, masks are not required.  

  • I will only wear a mask at times when we cannot be at least six feet apart (such as when I greet you at the door). 

What is your fee/rate?

  • My current fee for a 50-minute individual therapy session is $235.

FROM Kristie Tse / uncover counseling  - 

Do you offer bi-weekly sessions?
Not initially. Bi-weekly sessions are usually reserved for clients who have been in therapy consistently on a weekly basis for the amount of time required to reach their goals and who want maintenance sessions to help ease the transition to leaving therapy altogether. We will evaluate your treatment goals in 3-6 months after the initial consultation to determine if you are ready to step down from weekly sessions. 

Do you take insurance?​

  • I do not accept insurance, but if your health insurance plan has out-of-network benefits, I can assist you with obtaining substantial reimbursement for therapy fees (often 50-80%, depending on your plan).


How do I find out if (or how much) I can get reimbursed?

  • You'll need to contact your health insurance company (call the Member Services ​number listed on the back of your card or log in to their website), and ask them the following:
    • Do I have out-of network coverage for outpatient psychotherapy (CPT code 90834)?

    • What is my deductible, and have I met it yet?

    • What is my coinsurance (% that the insurance company will pay after the deductible has been met)​?​

From Greenpoint:

We do our best to accommodate insured clients for out of network reimbursement. Please contact us for help with deciphering your benefits if that would be helpful. Our NPI number is 1386297224 and our EIN number is 833952127. When contacting your insurance, the category is Behavioral Health for out-patient office benefits, and you would provide the license for Augusta Gordon of LCSW, and for the therapist that you’re choosing to see. The office visits we bill for are Intake Assessment 90791, Individual Psychotherapy 90834 and 90837.

Why is therapy so expensive?   

  • When working with me, you are not only paying for our time together in a therapy session.  Your fee also covers the work I do throughout the week to provide you with the quality of care you deserve, including: 

    • Email correspondence regarding administrative matters

    • Coordination and collaboration with your other healthcare providers, as appropriate

    • Brief phone calls in cases of mental health crisis

    • Research, educational courses, and professional training 

    • Consultation with industry experts

    • Record-keeping