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The Mind-Skin Connection

Our skin is like a home security system for the rest of the body.  It provides us with both protection and surveillance (alerting us of internal and external danger).

In brief moments of stress, our skin may sweat, itch, or get goosebumps.  During extreme or prolonged stress, things can get much worse...

Stress can cause or worsen these skin conditions:
cold sores
hydradentitis supporativa (HS)
hair loss
delayed wound healing

...And all of the above can stress us out some more. 

The cycle continues until we reduce the stress in our lives.  


If this cycle sounds familiar, you may be interested in addressing it in individual or group therapy.


If you have eczema in particular, check out my online therapy group, Managing Eczema with Mindfulness. This kind of therapy is for adults who live with the physical and emotional challenges of eczema and would like to experience the healing powers of mindfulness and community.  If you join, you'll meet with me and the same small group of people on Wednesdays for 8-10 weeks.  When we meet, you'll have the opportunity to share eczema stories with one another, learn about mindfulness and the mind-body connection, and practice therapeutic techniques to use in your everyday life.  To sign up or learn more, fill out the form below

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