Holistic Therapy Services for Adults


Holistic Psychotherapy is a type of psychotherapy (a.k.a. talk therapy) which acknowledges all aspects of a person - mind, body, and spirit - as well as their environment.

Together, my clients and I listen closely to their mental, physical, and/or spiritual experiences, and find ways to alleviate suffering through the mind-body connection.   I acknowledge the effects of their environments and strive for cultural sensitivity.

  • Mental Experiences -
    emotions, thoughts, behaviors (individually and with others)


  • Physical Experiences -
    feelings/sensations in the body, body language, breathing patterns, physical health


  • Spiritual Experiences -
    experiences that influence what it is that guides us in life and drives us to keep living (e.g., our mantras, our purpose, any Higher powers we believe in, etc.).  Often these experiences are beneath our conscious awareness.


  • Environmental Influences -
    living conditions, family dynamics, social supports, social resources and barriers, communities, cultures, political systems, media

In my work, I blend talk therapy and evidence-based, body-centered techniques to achieve healing on a deeper level than can be done with traditional talk therapy alone.  It's a fascinating, beautiful process I am honored to co-create with my clients.


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