The Process and Scope of Therapy


What will we do?  What won’t we do? 

Together, we will learn from you and your experiences, and I will guide you toward what you want most in life - your deepest, most heartfelt desires.  The outcome of your treatment depends largely on your willingness to engage in this process, which may create considerable discomfort at times.

We will seek and celebrate your moments of joy and clarity.  We will also explore unpleasant thoughts and memories, and I may challenge your perceptions - all of which can bring up strong feelings of confusion, anger, sadness, fear, disappointment, depression, and anxiety.  

Change can be easy and fast sometimes, but it is most often slow, and it can even be frustrating.  Throughout our time together, I will continually invite you to share how you are feeling, both about what we discuss and the therapy experience. 


I cannot promise that your behavior or circumstances will change.  What I can promise is that I will do my very best to understand you and the patterns in your life, support you in living the life you want, and guide you to answer the questions that keep pestering you.


I do not provide medical evaluations, medication or prescription recommendations, or legal advice.